Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ten things to think about on Facebook

Ten eleven things to think about on Facebook

1. Hoaxers get a kick on seeing how far things go. Think before you share.
2. Do you really think Walmart, ASDA, Apple etc. are going to give away $50, £25 vouchers just for 'liking' a page? Nah. It usually leads to a survey site, skimming your personal info. Don't go there.
3. Asked by your friends to perform obscure settings changes because of perceived 'privacy' issues? See '1'
4. Not every one wants to play Cityville, Farmville, e-ville and the like. Honestly. Some people play Realville. Don't keep sending them invites if the first was ignored.
5. Warnings circulating about malicious programs. Hoaxes. Google the word facebook and the first line before sending on. Or check Snopes. How many genuine ones have you heard about on the news?
6. Check Snopes and/or Google, anyway for Facebook or email warnings. Usually hoaxes and, let's face it, if it was that bad, we would have heard it on the news first. We're too far down the food chain to be the first to know.
7. Be mean with any personal info you share.
8. Ever wondered why the ads on the right seem to be amazingly relevant to you? Reread point '7'
9. Did I mention that you should check a 'share' before sharing? Takes 10 seconds on Google or snopes.
10. Should you share this? Yes? No? Only to people that keep sharing stuff without checking its veracity first? I dunno, it's up to you.
11. (never could count). If you think this is aimed at you, that is a possibility, but it's not personal, more an attempt to reduce the tat to interesting stuff ratio. Happy 2013.

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